Dr. Bike's 9/16

Dr. Bike's 9/16 " Bike Pedals With Toe Clips And Strap Accessories

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Dr. Bike's 9/16 " bike pedals with toe clips and strap accessories. The pedal is made of high quality materials. The strap is made of  nylon and PVC material. The pedal is from  aluminum alloy. This makes for s strong but light weight pedal. The pedal has lock-ins for the cleats on shoes. This allows you to focus your power right over the pedal giving you more distance with every push of the pedal. 

Product Details:

Material: Aluminum/Alloy
Use: Mountain Bikes, Road Bicycles, BMX, Ect.
Pedal Device Category: Ball Bearing
Pedal Category: Self-locking Pedal
Model Number: pe040
Size: 9/16" Bolt
Brand Name: Dr Bike
Size with Harness: 15*12*12cm
Pedal Category: Self-locking Pedal