Riding Core Essentials

We are going to be talking about some of the essentials that you need on a hot day when riding your bicycle. So we will be talking about products as in a helmet, hydration, food / snacks, first-aid kit, and eye wear. These are the core items that you need to make it safe and fun while riding.


You may ask why a helmet on a hot day? First, it's the law in some states. It's also a safety issue. If you have a wreck on your bicycle your helmet will help protect your head. Your brain is vital to living. They have helmets that do have vent holes to help keep your head cool which helps regulates body temperature.


Adult Sports Bicycle Ultralight Helmet


Riding your bicycle in hot weather, the most  important aspect is to stay hydrated. Not staying hydrated can cause medical issue as in becoming disoriented, weakness, delusional and even death.

Here is some ways you can carry liquid to stay hydrated. You can carry a water bottle or even better a hydration bag backpack. This is an excellent way to carry your drink and stay hydrated. Having a backpack allows you to carry a large quantity of your choice of drink and be able to drink it while riding and never having to let go of the handlebar to get a drink  due to the hose from the drink to your mouth.

One way to stay hydrated well is by drinking Gatorades, water, and even pickle juice. It  will help replace the electrolytes and other minerals lost through sweating.

2L Hydration bag backpack

Food / Snacks

Food and snacks when riding especially long distances is important to your health. It is energy for the body. It helps to rebuild the amino acids that is require for your body to function properly. When you ride long distances you are able to burn more calories that your able to replace immediately. Also after you finish your ride you continue to burn calories due to the metabolic system is still burning at a higher rate than normal for sometime.This is why it's a good idea to take a snack with you and eat it during or after the ride.


Another important matter that most people don't consider is their skin. Having a good sunscreen is very important to your health. Putting on a good sunscreen before riding is a good idea to keep you from burning your skin and remember the bigger the number the better protection. Picking a sunscreen with good protection can save you expensive health related bill's down the road that we all would like to avoid. So remember the sunscreen.


Having a first-aid kit with you is a very good idea. First if your riding and get in a accident you are prepared to take care of yourself and treat your wounds. Secondly if you ride upon someone injured you can help them. You never know when your first-aid kit might really come in handy or save a life.

Eyewear Protection

I think eyewear is an essential part of cycling. If you wear sunglasses it can protect your eyes from bugs, debris, ect. If you wear a good pair of sunglasses with UV-400 it protects what they call crystalline lens from sun tanning and becoming hard which is referred to as cataracts. Also if your riding in the bright sun the sunglasses will keep the sun from being as bright allowing you to see clearly enough that you want wreck or cause someone else to wreck.

ROCKBROS Polarized Sports Cycling Men Sunglasses

I do hope you find these points that we have discussed useful. My hope is not only you find them useful but you will find them applicable. Theses are the real essentials to a safe and fun ride. Now my friends let's all go and ride safely. Remember safety first!

What core essentials do you consider important and carry while riding? Would love to hear your commits. So leave your commit in the commit section below. Thanks!



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