Why E-Bikes Are Better For The Elderly

As we get older in life our brain power or cognitive ability starts to slow down. Science data does back this up. However science data supports ways to help keep your cognitive skills sharper. This would be through outdoor activity and exercising.

One of these activities is riding a bike. Science shows that riding a bike 30 minutes a day can increase brain activity. For those over fifty that are showing decrease brain activity this is very good news. 

Psychological and cognitive test was given to 100 people age 50-83. A team of U.K. researchers at the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University measured the cognitive function of their brains. These people was not regular bike riders. They divided them into 3 groups. 

They had one group to ride a traditional bike for 30 minutes 3 day a week for eight weeks. The second group was to ride e-bikes for 30 minutes 3 days a week for eight weeks. The third group did not ride at all during the eight week trial period.

After the 8 week period the groups that rode the bikes showed significant improvement of psychological and cognitive skills. The ability to plan, organize, and complete tasks. However, you might think that the ones that rode traditional bikes would gain more. They reported that was not necessarily the case


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